Sunday, June 16, 2013

Product of the Week! - Protein Shake Mix

Since a few of my clients and I are starting our 30-Days to Fit/Summer Slim Down Challenge, I thought it was fitting to highlight The Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake Mix for this weeks Product of the Week!

Arbonne carries two flavors of the Protein Shake Mix; Vanilla and Chocolate. They also come in three forms. You can get the large 30 day supply bag, a box of 10 individually packaged servings, as well as a 12 pack of ready-to-drink shakes.

One serving of the Protein shake contains 20 grams of Vegan protein, an amazing blend of Pea and Cranberry Protein, (, as well as 20 essentials vitamins and minerals!

My Protein Powder Experience:
I've been drinking the Protein powder shakes on and off for about a year and a half now. I have to say, wow, are they delicious. At first, I was in love with the Vanilla because all alone, it tastes like cake batter. But the Chocolate quickly stole my heart. I generally have a shake in the morning for breakfast since I'm not a morning person and getting up early to make breakfast just seems silly. I can throw together a protein shake so fast in my handy dandy Arbonne shaker cup and not even miss an extra 5 minutes of sleep.
The shakes are so versatile, I can add milk or almond milk instead of water, toss in some fruit to my blender, add ice and voila! I have a new flavor. I've used blueberry, strawberries, banana, even a coffee packet, or peanut butter. 
I add my Fiber Boost in the morning to the shake for an extra filling breakfast. Sometimes I'll pair a shake with a small salad or serving of veggies for lunch. But it also makes a great meal for those days when I'm running around and have no time for dinner. Also, having the chocolate shake after a vigorous workout helps my body refuel and build muscle.

What's even more awesome about the Protein shakes? They are GLUTEN-FREE!!
The shakes have only 160 calories per serving, making them a great tool for weightloss and weight management.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Product of the Week! - Seasource Detox Spa Renewing Body Gelee

Everyone's favorite product is this weeks feature product!
I figured since it's summer and this is pretty much Arbonne's miracle item, it should be highlighted!

The Renewing Body Gelee comes from the Seasource Detox Spa line which is designed to detox the skin and hair from impurities that it encounters on a daily basis such as air pollution, contact with other people, animals and the environment. The Gelee is a Gel lotion that helps cool and calm the skin while keeping it hydrated. It's perfect for after a work out or spending time in the sun.

My Gelee Experience
I absolutely, without a doubt, love love love this product. I use it everyday and for just about everything. It smells amazing too. After a good work out, I like to massage my muscles and feet, which allows me to relax and not become too stiff the next day.
It's great for cooling a sunburn. Many of my friends have come to me with a sunburn and after a couple coatings of Gelee, their skin stops to hurt, cools, and it even helps prevent peeling!
I also have a couple friends who suffer from Migraines and by rubbing the Gelee on their temples and neck pressure points, they experience ease from their symptoms. I even discovered after rubbing my temples with the Gelee during a headache, that it significantly reduced the appearance of bumps on my skin. I found that as using it as a lotion on my body, it minimized the appearances of scars and scratches on my arms from my cats!
A friends husband uses the Gelee to calm his rashes he developed after he had back surgery. He and I quite often use the phrase, "Just put some Gelee on it!" 

Key Botanicals
  • Bladderwrack Extract - softens skin, detoxifies and soothes
  • Sea Plant Extract - antioxidant and humectant; provides hydration
  • Sea Algae - naturally remineralizes and exfoliates
  • Sea Fennel - skin moisterizer
  • Micro-Algae - high multivitamin, protein and amino acid content for restorative effect
  • Laminaria Digitata - hydrating, antioxidant; encourages efficient functioning of the body
 Stimulate, Strengthen, Support!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Slim Down Challenge!

Would you like a lose a few pounds for summer?
Would you like to have more energy and feel clean on your insides?
Would you like daily encouragement on your journey to better health?
Would you like to win some prizes of FREE Arbonne products or Spa day?
As part of my new life in fitness, I'm starting a 30 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge with some of my friends and clients! The basic rules are:

1. Start date: pick either Monday June 10 or Monday June 17

2. Drink an Arbonne protein shake for one meal  per day (or two).  Drink detox tea twice daily.
3. Reduce or eliminate for 4 weeks…gluten, dairy, sugar…processed foods.  (pick at least one to eliminate, but more if you can… the cleaner you eat the better the results!)
Contestants  will be eligible to win the following prizes:
1st place: $150 Spa Finder gift card
2nd place: $100 Spa Finder gift card
3rd place:  $50 Spa Finder gift card
The winners will be determined by greatest percentage of weight loss, from the starting weight on Day 1 and final weight on Day 30 (you can keep track of this on your Once you email back, I will send you more information about the Arbonne 30 Day Clean Detox Plan!  Our team has a facebook page set up to support your efforts and will provide delicious and nutritious meal ideas.  Our mission is to help you achieve your healthiest body through eating clean, delicious food and creating healthy lifestyle habits.
 I'm super excited! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Product of the Week! - Calm Soothing Eye Gel

As if the Calm Sensitive Skin Line wasn't awesome enough on it's own with the great Cleanser, Serum, and Moisturizer, they added this little number - the Soothing Eye Gel!

You've seen it on t.v. where ladies are getting facials and spending the day at the spa. They always have those cucumbers on their eyes. Most people are like, "what are those for?" Well, the coolness of the cucumbers help sooth and relax the eyes which helps reduce puffiness as well as adding a little bit of natural moisture.

Just like those cucumber slices, "this gentle, ophthalmologist-tested eye gel, packaged with a
convenient roller ball applicator, leaves skin feeling instantly refreshed. The lightweight formula helps
reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes and hydrates and smooths the eye area for
youthful, vibrant-looking skin."

My Eye Gel Experience:
This is one of my favorite parts of my morning and evening routine. While I do enjoy how my face and skin feels after washing, I can't wait to get to my eye gel roller! The coolness is so nice at the end of the day, especially if it's been a stressful one. I also notice that if I'm a little tired in the morning, the gel helps take care of my puffiness so that I look refreshed.

Key Ingredients and Benefits
 • Aloe Vera, cucumber, licorice, mallow,
chamomile and sea mayweed soothes, comforts
and moisturizes the skin.
• Japanese green tea contains antioxidants.
• Contains naturally derived and food-grade
• Extra-gentle formula helps soothe easily irritated,
sensitive skin by providing hydrating relief.

Clinical Results
After two days of use*
• 92% agreed it softened and helped
replenish moisture to the skin around the
eye area.
• 86% agreed it helped restore moisture to
the skin around the eyes for an improved,
youthful appearance.
• 86% agreed it helped reduce the
appearance of under-eye puffiness.
After 7 days of use*
• 94% said the product cooled, revitalized
and moisturized to help minimize the
appearance of aging around the eyes.*
*Based on clinical studies of 50 individuals.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Product of the Week! - Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser

Welcome the newest product line brought to you by Arbonne: Calm - Sensitive Skin Care.
This line has four different products specifically "formulated to help provide hydrating relief from tightness, dryness and discomfort. With 80% food grade ingredients, these extra gentle formulas help calm and soothe sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free, and allergy- and dermatologist-tested, Calm has soothing botanicals to nurture and moisturize without blocking pores."

The Calm line carries a Gentle Daily Cleanser, Soothing Facial Serum, Gentle Moisturizer, and Soothing Eye Gel.
This week we're focusing on the Cleanser:
"This extra-gentle, sulfate-free cleanser, formulated with only the most essential ingredients, gently washes away makeup, excess oil and dirt without irritating or over-drying the skin. Use day or night to leave skin feeling clean and refreshed."

The cleanser is a very mild face cleanser that if soap free, dye free, and fragance free. 50% of Americans suffer from Sensitive skin and it's hard to find products that not only clean well, but do so without stripping the skin of it's natural moisture or leaving it irritated. It's also only $24!

My Calm Line Experience:
 I have never been one to say that I have 'sensitive' skin, but I've always had problem skin. For as long as I can remember, I have had these small bumps all along my forehead and temples. Also, I have very large pores, especially on my nose. I constantly struggle with pimples, clogged pores, and the bumps on my head. It's been very frustrating.  When I started using this line though, I observed an almost overnight change to my face, within a week my skin was noticeably different! I picked up the line at the Arbonne Conference and when I returned home after a couple days, one of my coworkers even told me, "Wow, your face looks great! It's so much clearer." I gushed, "It's Arbonne!"
By using the Calm line, my skin is smoother, I have less problems with my pores, and I'm not embarrassed by it anymore.After I wash my face with the Calm Gentle Cleanser, my faces feels clean and refreshed. I never have that tight feeling.

Fragrance Free?: 
It's funny, the first time I used it, I thought to myself, "Fragrance free? Surely not. It's from Botanicals, it must have some sort of scent." However, as I pumped a little bit into my hand, I sniffed it, and truly it smelled like nothing! I couldn't believe it. Even after massaging it over my face, I still noticed no smell whatsoever!

The Gentle Cleanser comes in a pump bottle. I usually hate pump bottles because I travel a lot and it's annoying to have to pack everything in plastic baggies or open up your bag to find whatever products has squished out all over your stuff. If you don't get a chance to get the travel kit, luckily, this little guy clicks closed. I can comfortably turn the head with a little kick and throw it in my purse and not worry about my purse contents getting messy.  

Key Ingredients and Benefits

• Aloe Vera, cucumber, licorice, mallow, chamomile and sea mayweed soothes, comforts and moisturizes the skin.
• Japanese green tea contains antioxidants.
• Contains naturally derived and food grade ingredients.
• Extra-gentle formula helps soothe easily irritated, sensitive 

Clinical Results
After 2 days of use*
• 100% agreed the product is a gentle daily cleanser that removed dirt and grime with no irritation.
• 96% said it calmed and soothed their skin.
• 86% said it gently lifted away impurities without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.
• 80% said it is one of the gentlest products they have ever used.
*Based on clinical studies of 50 individuals.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My first 5k

Today I ran my first 5k! It was pretty epic.

I ran in the Susan G. Komen 'Race for the Cure.'  There were a lot of people! I did not expect it to be such a large event, but it was truly awesome! There were all sorts of vendors giving out free stuff and bands, even a special tent for survivors where we got pancakes, pictures taken, and loads of free swag! (The friend I ran with is a survivor) There were girls in pink tutus and a couple caped super heros. So much pink!! Even I bought a pink shirt for the race. I had no idea what to expect, but it was so amazing to see all these people out supporting such a great cause.

We were able to squeeze our way to the front for the beginning of the race. When they fired the gun, a wave of pink poured out onto State street of Salt Lake City! I kept up with my friend for a block or so, but she soon left me in the dust. That's ok, my goal wasn't to beat anybody, I just wanted to run the whole thing and not stop. I definitely was able to accomplish my goal, even got 'pinked' and got a cool pair of pink sunglasses. It was pretty neat how fast the race went by, there were so  many people, even bamds strategicallh lined up along the path. Before ai knew it, I had made the halfway point and was getting water. Then I hit the two mile marker. I remember thinking to myself, 'does that mean I ran two miles or that I just got to the second mile?'

My friend finished before me and came back to run the rest of the way with me. It was perfect timing because I was starting to wear down and had slowed down considerably from my starting pace. But having her next to me, I had a surge of energy and with the finish line in the distance, I picked it up again and was able to complete the race in 35 minutes! I felt great! It's funny, only a month ago I was running one mile, now I had run 3.1. Amazing!

I really feel good about what I've accomplished and so glad that I did it. There were a few moments that were tough and I thought about stopping, but I didn't. There's a lesson in this; "if you have a goal, go for it. If you slow down, you'll get there, but if you stop you'll never reach it."

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

7-day Body Cleanse - Day 7!

Alright! Today is my last day on the cleanse!

So after running my 3.5 miles yesterday, I went out with the some of my girlfriends for girls night. We always go to Maccool's, an irish pub. I got a buffalo burger, thinking that'd be a little more healthy with a mix of Regular and Sweet Potato Fries. I didn't get a beer! Shocker, I know. Instead, I opted for a nice glass of cranberry juice. Plus, I only had one bite of an offered dessert.

Now, I woke up this morning at about 4am with unbelievable stomach pain. I was awake for a couple hours, writhing about, trying to get comfortable and cuddling the kitties. I took a couple drops of my "DigestZen" oils but it still took a couple hours before I could fall asleep. The pain was very reminiscent of my gallbladder pain (self diagnosed). In fact, as I type this, I can feel a residual ache in my side. I'm hoping it passes quickly.

So I'm finishing up my 7-day Body Cleanse. I'm still having the need to use the bathroom more frequently and gurgly tummy. I think this may actually be very normal. Therefore, I'm concluding that while using this product, in order to get the best results;

1. Do NOT go on a trip or extended excursion where you have limited access to a restroom. *
2. Do NOT eat unhealthy/fatty foods if you can help it. *
3. Do NOT drink sugary/alcoholic beverages. *
4. DO drink plenty of extra water. *
5. DO eat healthy and wholesome foods. *
6. DO continue to exercise and enjoy everyday activities. *
7. DO have a good time and enjoy the wonderful tasty drink. *

I'm happy with my results and have learned alot from this cleanse. I'm excited to see how the cleanse goes when I do it again in a month or two.

* These statesments are from me alone and not of Arbonne. Though I'm sure they'd agree with me. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

7-day Body Cleanse - Day 5 and 6

It's really hard to eat healthy, when you are having work parties and end of the season functions. I guess I could have more will power, but who's kidding who?

**Warning... more graphic content involving bodily functions**

Ok. So I noticed a tapering off around day 4 and 5 of the softening of stool. However, I will say, that if you eat fatty foods while on the cleanse, you will pay for it. As I mentioned on Day 1, you should be running to the bathroom constantly. If you do eat poorly, your body will quickly cleanse it out of you. It's not uncomfortable really, but I would make sure you have access to a bathroom and a candle, because you will be gassy and bloated.

Defintitely good to drink plenty of water in addition to the mixed water.

I did run 3.5 miles today and it was a breeze! I couldn't believe how great I felt. I could have kept going, but I didn't want to outdo myself before the race on Saturday.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

7-day Body Clease: Day 3 and 4

Ok. So I did not go out to the country western bar, but I did go out to my fave pub last night. Hey, I met a really cute guy at the Free Comic Book Day event and we went out. I DID have 2 drinks, tequila and OJ but to be fair, they make really weak drinks here in Utah.
I probably shouldn't but I dont think it has affected my cleanse.
I have noticed a more frequent need for the restroom, and still some softening of stool but, nothing uncomfortable or unusual.
Yesterday I walked quite a bit, to the Comic book store, did some gardening, and then back home . After my comic book guy and I finished up at the bar, we took a little stroll around the neighborhood. I get bonus points because I was in heels and it was incredibly windy.
As for today, I ran  2.5 miles. It kinda sucked.. I mean the first mile wa a piece of cake, it's the second half that really was aweful. I'm taking tomorrow off exercise-wise, but am running 3 miles on Tuesday.
Sadly, I'm have a huge headache. Maybe I should go to bed early, for once.

Friday, May 3, 2013

7-day Cleanse - Day 2

Today is my second day on the 7-day Body Cleanse from Arbonne. It's going great. I feel good and I actually had to ration out my Cleanse water so that I didn't drink it all at once. It tastes so good! In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting to drink my third serving.

Last night I ran 2.25 miles at the gym in preparation for my Susan G. Komen 5k next weekend. Today, I'm not very sore or tight. I'm also not so worn out I couldn't work a full day. That's good. Oh! Last night I weighed myself, I'm currently at 170lbs. This seems to be me average over all weight. Also, I talked with some ladies in my Aqua Aerobics class and for this month we're starting a Month challenge. Our instructor has given us a calendar of different activities to accomplish this month. If we do, we get a prize. I'm so in!

My meals got a little messed up since I had to run errands on my lunch break and forgot to actually have lunch. But I got my salad and little bit of spaghetti for dinner. I did notice ...** ok warning!  this is graphic, just a warning!** .. I did notice a softening of the stool. But it wasn't anything uncomfortable or unusual. It may be due to the cleanse or even the fact that I had gluten today. We'll see how things go.

For my activity tonight, I'm going to go line dancing. The key is to try not to drink. I do love my drinkies, but while on the cleanse I really shouldn't have any alcohol. Ahh.. this is the hardest part. I'm going to have to ask Arbonne if it's ok to have a drink or two. Thank you Arbonne for The Source!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

7-day Body Cleanse

Today I'm starting a 7-day body cleanse.

Arbonne's 7-day Body Cleanse
  • Gently cleanses your body/system*
  • Assists with the gentle elimanation of toxins*
  • Prepares the body for a weight management regimen*
  • Supports internal antioxidant activity*
  • Supports liver health*
  • Supports GI (gastrointestinal) health*
  • Helps promote a sense of well-being
I'm starting with a body cleanse because well, I like to drink and of course, I work with a lot of chemicals for my job. Also, I'm prepping for a 5k next week and I'd like to be at my best for it. Plus, I'm in works to begin a more rigorous workout regiment and this is a great way to ready the body for it. I'd really like to lose some weight and be more fit. Therefore, in order to prep my body for all of this, it's a good idea to flush out as much of the built up toxins and grossness that's already there.

Now, when I talk to most people about the body cleanse, some of the first questions I hear are, "Do I have to stop eatting? Will I be running to the bathroom? Does it taste good." The answers are no, no and oh yes!

Unlike a lot of other cleanses that are out there, you do not have to stop eating. What you do have to stop eating is all the junk. The whole point of a cleanse is to get all of that out of your body. It isn't going to help if you keeping filling yourself up with fatty foods, alcohol, sugar, and things that just clog up your system. Instead, start eating good wholesome food. It's amazing how good real vegetables and meats taste compared to their over processed counterparts.

As far as the bathroom, you'll probably be making a few more trips, but you don't need to be running. You mix the 7-day cleanse packet with 32 oz of water and drink it throughout the day. I also tend to have an extra 8-16oz of water during lunch and dinner which equals a good 8 glasses of water a day. Therefore, if you're not used to drinking that much water, yeah, you'll be going more frequently. With the product, you shouldn't be having diarrhea and if you do develop it, you should stop using the product.

More importantly is the taste. No one wants to eat or drink anything that tastes nasty. If something doesn't taste good, the least likely I am to continue. To be honest, the first time I ever did a 7-day cleanse, I hated the taste at first, but found that I gradually began to crave it. This time however, I'm surprised how wonderful it tastes! It's a funny mix of pumpkin and nutmeg, and something else I don't know the name of. It's really good! I was so surprised that I texted my Arbonne up-line to see if the changed the formula. She told me that it must be because I'm not as toxic as I was two years ago. That totally makes sense! I like the taste, but I can see where some people won't. But it's definitely worth it.

*These statements have not been evaluated bt the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Greetings. My name is Anna Marie and I recently turned 30. I can honestly say that for most of my life, I have not been a ''healthy'' person, nor have I ever been ''thin,'' In college and gradschool, I was definitely at my lowest weight (160 lbs) and wore clothing in the sizes ranging from 14-16. After school and upon entering the work field, I quickly gained an additional 20 lbs and could no longer fit in many of my clothes comfortably. Over the past couple years, I have gained and lost the same 10 lbs. It's a struggle to lose but so easy to gain. Being 30, and hearing all these ads on the radio about hormones and the body slowing down at age 40, I would like to get a head start and try to prevent as much aging weight gain as possible. I am getting older, and it's about time I take control of this and make sure that I'm as healthy as I can be.

A few years ago, a friend and colleauge of mine introduced me to Arbonne. Arbonne is a health and wellness company that makes products that are Botanically based, vegan certified, gluten free, PH balanced, dermatologist tested and approved, as well as being pure, safe, and  beneficial! Now, when she first started talking about Arbonne, I thought to myself, ''Make-up? I hardly even wear make-up. What am I going to do with this? Toner? What's toner?!'' I may be a girl, but I'm not very girly. Nevertheless, I continued to listen to the presentatiin and learned about the other products and lines Arbonne has to offer.

My profession is as a Milliner/Crafts Artisan. That means that I work with a lot of different chemicals and substances. In my earlier years, I used substances likes Acetone with no gloves or repirator. Breathing in paint fumes and getting toxic chemicals on my skin and clothes was a normal occurance. Many crafts artisans from the past few decades have developed cancers and died early because of these same practices. Thankfully, I soon learned about the importance of safety and quickly stopped my unsafe habits. When my Arbonne friend introduced me to the detox line that Arbonne carries, I was hooked! While I try to be as careful as possible, it is important that I maintain a regular detoxing regime and Arbonne has me covered.

In addition, Arbonne has a great Nutrition line, carrying products such as Protein Shakes, Fit Chews, Nutrition Bars, and many many other products. I've started using the products on a more regular basis and I can see the difference and changes in my life. I want to take this blog as an opportunity to talk about all that Arbonne has to offer and how it has bettered my life.